Grove is a family-run design and art studio in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  Everything we create is made in-house with limited runs. 

It all started with two artist brothers...

"My brother and I grew independently as artists... Ben as a graphic designer, and I as a screen printer.
Working for clients over the years, we often felt constricted by imposed criteria and experienced the wastefulness in each industry.   
Realizing we both had similar frustrations but with ideas to improve, Ben and I put our minds and skills together to make things better..."
-Adam, Co-Founder


We firmly believe in helping our community in tangible ways.  For us, we see the food shortage as a great place to start.  We built into our business model regular giving so that EACH item purchased will feed a person in Hawaii for 3 days. 🤍
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Thoughtful Production

Garment dye  

There are a few different methods of dying fabric, and we prefer garment dye for our shirts.  This means that the garment is made, then dyed... which ensures only the necessary amount of dye is used, reducing waste.
Another benefit of garment dyeing is no shrinkage.  Since the garment is dyed then washed and dried AFTER assembly, the shirt will experience 99% of shrinkage in the process.  This means the first time your try on the shirt, it will fit the same for as long as you own it.

Water-based inks

We choose to screen print with water-based inks due to the eco-friendly qualities.
Another benefit of printing with water-based inks is the soft feel on the shirt.  Unlike traditional inks that feel like rubber and sit on top of the shirt, water-based inks set into the shirt and essentially dye the fabric, keeping the print soft and comfortable.

Small batch production

We purposefully produce less to reduce waste. Producing limited-run, small batches ensures that everything goes to a good home.
Overproducing in the apparel industry is unfortunately a major trend.  We are doing our part to create a new standard.